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Did you know ?
Bees do not sleep and they do not hibernate.

Honeycomb was the first chewing gum, sailors used to be given a wedge of honeycomb along with their tot of rum every day. They chewed the honeycomb until the honey was gone and all they had left was wax. Then they spat the wax into a spittoon and the ship's boy collected all the wax at night and melted it down to make candles for the next day.

The oldest bee is a fossil which is 35 million years old.

Scientists say it is aerobatically impossible for a bee to fly.

It is said that it takes 300 bees to make 500 grams of honey approximately and between them they would have to fly 2 or 3 times around the earth to collect all the nectar and pollen.

Honey bees flap their wings 1400 times per minute.

A queen bee can lay 1500 eggs in one day.

Bees are the only insects which make food for humans to eat.

There are cave paintings in Spain which show people beekeeping in 7000 BC