Honey Toffee Recipe

Honey Toffee Recipe

Always ask an adult to help you to cook.


  • 10ml Golden syrup (one dessertspoon)
  • 350g Sugar
  • 60ml Water
  • 75g Honey
  • 25g Butter


To make the toffee you will need a saucepan, a wooden spoon and a non-stick baking tin about 20 cm square.

Put the water, golden syrup and sugar into a saucepan, melt them together on a low heat.
Bring the mixture to the boil, stirring all the time.

When the mixture has boiled, take half a teaspoon of the mixture and drop it into a saucer of cold water. As soon as it is cool, try and make a little soft ball with it using your fingers.

When the mixture will form a little soft ball, add the butter and honey to the saucepan and stir.
Boil the mixture again, stirring, until it becomes hard and brittle when you drop a little of it into the cold water, then pour it quickly into the tin and let it cool.
Once it is cold, break it into pieces.